Romani Ite Domum
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All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Life of Brian (1979)
by Graham Chapman & John Cleese & Eric Idle & Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones & Michael Palin.
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  1. Mersault

    Centurion: What’s this then? Romanes eunt domus? People call around marnays they go the house?
    Brian: It…it says: «Romans go home.»
    Centurion: No, it doesn’t.
    Brian: Aih.
    Centurion: What’s Latin for Romans? Come on!
    Brian: Aih! Aah! Romanus!
    Centurion: Goes like…?
    Brian: Anis?
    Centurion: Vocative plural of anis is…?
    Brian: Ani?
    Centurion: Romani…Eunt? What is eunt?
    Brian: «Go»! De…
    Centurion: Conjugate the verb «go»!
    Brian: Aah…ere, eo, is, it, imus, itis, eunt.
    Centurion: So eunt is…?
    Brian: Aah, ehm…third person plural present indicative.
    Ehm…»they go».
    Centurion: But «Romans go home» is an order, so you must use the…?
    Brian: Aih! Imperative!
    Centurion: Which is…?
    Brian: Ehm, oh…oh, ehm…i, i!
    Centurion: How many Romans?
    Brian: Aah! it’s…plural, plural! Ite! Ite!
    Centurion: Ite.
    Brian: Aah, ah.
    Centurion: Domus? Nominative?
    Brian: Ah, ah?
    Centurion: «Go home», this is motion towards, isn’t it, boy?
    Brian: Ehm…ehm…dative sir?
    Sword: [Slinskt]
    Brian: Aih! Ooh! Not dative, not the dative, sir! Nah, aah! Ooh! The…accusative! Accusative! Aah! Domum, sir! Ad domum! Aah, ooh!
    Centurion: Except that domus takes the…?
    Brian: Aah! The locative, sir! Aah!
    Centurion: Which is…?
    Brian: Domum! Aah, ah, aah…
    Centurion: Domum…um. Understand?
    Brian: Yes, sir!
    Centurion: Now, write that a hundred times!
    Brian: Yes, sir! Thank you, sir! Hail Caesar, sir!
    Centurion: Hail Caesar! And if it’s not done by sunrise, I’ll cut your balls off.
    Brian: Oh, thank you, sir! Thank you, sir! Hail Caesar and everything, sir! Aah. Mmh! Aah… Finished! Aah.
    Roman Soldier: Right. Now, don’t do it again!
    Man with bag: Hey! Bloody Romans…